Battery-Operated Candles – A safer alternative to a candle.

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Whether it is a holiday family dinner or a quiet romantic evening, candles are an essential part of the décor and help in setting the ambiance. There is no denying that candles are beautiful accessories that really create the warm and cozy atmosphere you look for during a special occasion. However, they are also a major cause of home fires. It is no wonder then that some of the busiest days for the fire department are during Christmas holidays. An equally beautiful alternative to the traditional candles is the use of battery-operated candles. Yes, battery-operated! These candles illuminate your surroundings with the same beautiful, flickering glow but in a safe manner. Here is a look at why battery-operated candles are a better option over traditional candles.


It is every parent’s nightmare to have children running around candles with open flames. Many fire prevention organizations state leaving burning candles within the reach of children or pets as a common mistake that leads to candle fires. Battery-operated candles are safe in that manner. Generally, battery-operated candles have an LED light that emits a flickering glow similar to that of a traditional candle. Since these candles are flameless, there is no risk associated with leaving an unattended battery-operated candle around children, pets, or in high traffic areas.
Traditional candles are known to have other flaws that increase the risk of home fires. One of these is that candles may have multiple wicks. In lighting these wicks, you may get one single flame or multiple flames that can result in intense heat and cause material around the candle to catch fire. In some cases, the wax itself can catch fire too. This risk is eliminated with the use of a battery-operated candle. Although battery-operated candles may have wicks and may be made from real wax, these features are only there to give the look and feel of a traditional candle. Battery-operated candles have an LED light, meaning there are no open flames.


A traditional candle from a boutique can be quite expensive. Whether they are scented or are in decorative containers, candles eventually burn down and give no return on the investment. A battery-operated candle not only has the same features (scented, non-scented, colours, decoration, etc.) but is reusable and can provide 3,000 hours of candlelight before the batteries need to be changed. You only need to change the batteries for another 3,000 hour cycle! If you’re environmentally aware, LED candles are a great option for you and many will work perfectly with rechargeable batteries.
A safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional candles are battery-operated candles. With safety being of utmost importance, especially for families with children and pets, battery-operated candles can offer the same soft, flickering glow and coziness as a traditional candle. With battery-operated candles being flameless and non-combustible, you no longer need to worry about leaving an unattended candle in high-traffic areas. Use a flameless, battery-operated candle for your next special occasion and see that it can fill the room with beautiful scented notes and create the same ambiance as a traditional candle.
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